I miss U Glottal Effect đź’—

I just wanted to say it :sweat_smile:

Kanru, please surpise us again, you’re the boss :slight_smile:


What’s glottal effect, I’ve never used old synthV

An editing tool to add defects to a voice (growl, vocal fry, distortion)
I hope Kanru will come up with something to fill this void :slight_smile:


i always wondered why they got rid of these-

It’s likely that Dreamtonics does not want to dedicate development effort to a feature that can be reproduced with scripts (Script: SynthV Growl, Another growl / scream script for SynthV with demo video).

Additionally, parameter-based glottal effects and post-processing effects likely wouldn’t meet Dreamtonics’ quality standards. In other words, if they’re going to add glottal effects as a new feature, it would be using the AI engine since that would function beyond what users are already capable of doing on their own.

Keep in mind that in order to do that they would need sufficient learning material for the AI to reproduce these effects, and many of the voice providers for existing AI voices would not have naturally used these techniques frequently enough to have a sufficient dataset.

I expect it’s in the works, but it’s either a slow process that simply isn’t ready yet, or it isn’t as high-priority as other improvements to the AI engine.