Voicing vs Loudness parameters

Voicing vs Loudness parameters

they both seem to be doing same thing?

can anyone explain?

both seem to just increase/decrease the volume of the waveform

“Voicing” is whether or not the vocal cords are active during the sound.

For example, an “s” sound is not a voiced consonant, because you are breathing out but your vocal cords are inactive. If you were to make the same “s” sound and then begin using your vocal cords, it comes out as a “z” instead. The same applies to sounds like “t” and “d”.

This can also apply to vowels. try holding an “aaaa” sound and then stop using your vocal cords, but keep the air flow and mouth position the same. This is the difference between a “voiced a” and “unvoiced a”, where the fully unvoiced version is basically just exhaling with a specific mouth shape (which is why you might confuse it with loudness).

edit: While the above is an explanation of how voicing works for actual humans, for the purposes of SynthV Studio its main use is for partially devoicing vowel sounds since devoicing consonants to produce the effect described above is usually easier done by simply changing the phonemes.

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