Copyrighting Original Music? help

Hi Dreamtonics and Friends,

As per dreamtonics terms, since I own a full license I can create vocals for commercial use without limitation to revenue. I have since made my own original song including instrumentals and lyrics which I have input into the syntehsizerV software to generate a singing vocal performance. I now would like to sell my music and copyright the song, but just wondering if I need to list dreamtonics as a claimant or author?

Any help from dreamtonics staff or people who have made their own original music would be greatly appreciated
Thank you!

the vocal synths I have used ar RYO & Saki *

You can monetize your YouTube video, post to streaming services, sell via Bandcamp, etc. without any additional attribution; you do not need to mention Dreamtonics, SynthV, or even the voice names. The license states that you “may” indicate that Synthesizer V has been used, but does not mention any requirement for doing so (below quoted from the Saki AI license).

10 Except as otherwise specified, you may use the synthesized sound generated by using this product, whether commercial or non-commercial, free of charge.

11 Except as otherwise specified, the user may indicate that Synthesizer V (or the voice bank for Synthesizer V) has been used in your productions.

The one point people do need to be careful of (and this does not apply to Ryo or Saki) is in using the official avatar/mascot design associated with a voice, since most licenses only allow commercial use of the rendered voice output and not the character design. Again, this does not apply to Ryo or Saki because they do not have official character mascots (though I’d still avoid using their product logos just to be safe, since point 10 quoted above only specifies “the synthesized sound generated by”).

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Thanks Claire, that clarified a few things esp that not having to name the synthV or dreamtonics - I did not know that!

Do you know anything about copyrighting personal music using bay that for vocal by any chance?

Using vsynth to generate vocals

Generally the license is determined by the storefront. When uploading to YouTube or Bandcamp there are options for different licenses that apply to your music.

You can navigate to a Bandcamp page to see an example of this:

As for streaming services, the license is determined by the distributor (Distrokid, etc), the service (Spotify, etc.), or both.

While you can technically register a copyright for your music with a government copyright office, this is often not a process intended for independent musicians. There is an implicit copyright that applies to all creative works the moment they are published, and this usually offers sufficient protections. (How to Copyright a Song for Free (with Pictures) - wikiHow)

Thanks Claire

I’m still abit unclear, would I still be able to register copyright even though vocals are generated with the software synthesizerV? A I won’t be claiming rights to the software itself but rather the music created from its use. So technically it would sorta be like an instrument I guess?

I own full licenses for voicebanks ryo and saki

Thank you so much for your input, I’ve been very lost on the issue but I don’t want to get into trouble and I’m not getting a response from the Dreamtonics team via email

If you are unsure no worries! Ill keep looking around - thanks so much for ur input this far

Yes, SynthV is an instrument and you can freely use the rendered output of products you have purchased, including commercially. In this way SynthV is very similar to other synth VSTs you might use like Serum, Massive, Vital, etc. There isn’t really anything special about the fact that the output resembles vocal sounds instead of instrumental ones, it’s all just waveforms generated by a software product.

In short - yes, you own the rights to the music you create using the rendered output from the software you have purchased.


Thank you so much! I now understand- your information has been very helpful! I will copyright my music shortly (though I could informally do it - I’ll be doing it formally for this song as It took me a lot of effort to make and provide myself). Thanks Claire!!

There’s a copyright associated with the song itself, irregardless if who is singing it.

So if the song is your original work, you own the copyright for it, although there may be a number of things that you can do to strengthen that claim, like registering the song.

What you’re referring to is the usage right associated with SynthesizerV and a particular voicebank.

SynthesizerV and certain voicebanks have restriction on the use for creating commercial works. - that is, works that can be monetized - with the free versions of the editor and voicebanks. This restriction is lifted with the commercial versions.

Additionally, there are restrictions on using copyrighted images such as logos and images of singers.

This was already explained quite well. I think part of the confusion arises from not knowing the difference between all these similar but different terms. :thinking:


I think I was confused as the sounds generated by synthV constitute a voice so I was not sure if a vocal performance be touchy to claim, but I now understand that synthV is technically like an instrument by which I generate a voice and not a vocal performance from a natural person so I feel more comfortable with registering it officially with copyrights office. I own the commercial versions for several dreamtonics voice banks so shouldn’t be an issue - and definitely I will not use any images - ryo and saki do not have any anyways so should be okey - I will do a generic art as my album art


Thanks for your input, I’ve replied below and very grateful for u guys for clarifying these things!