Multiple serial codes

I use Yamine Renri R2, it’s the only full VB I have. The email with my serial code said I could use it 3 times max. Is it possible that I could use the serial code for the voicebank more than 3 times (This goes for any full voicebank also)? I work on a chromebook and it recently became outdated enough to no longer update, so linux has been acting up a lot. I ended up having to delete it and my backup didn’t work so I lost everything. I only have one use of the code left, and I’m hoping to get a new chromebook/laptop soon, so I don’t want to use it if it’s the last one. Thanks.

Have you not unregistered your existing vb installations?
Doing so would free up that license for reuse on a new machine, as I understand it you can have three working installations and by unregistering one it can be moved to another computer.
HTH :slightly_smiling_face:

Definitely make a habit of unregistering your codes if you’re not using it. Not only when you’re switching machines, but just as a safe thing to do in case your computer crashes and cannot be recovered, taking the code down with it (this happened to me with my first few Vocaloids which also has 3 maximum code uses).

Like mechie said, unregistering existing installations will free up a slot and you can reuse it. If for whatever reason, you maxed out all 3 and you can’t get them back, the next step would have to be contacting the vendor for customer support. Example: if you use up all your Kevins, you have to talk to Dreamtonics. If you use up all your Natsuki Karins, you have to talk to AH-Software.

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Thank you for the information, but I’m stupid and don’t know how to do that. I honestly didn’t know it was possible lol.

Thank you!