Synthesizer V AI Gold Series: Introducing Weina, Dreamtonics's new Chinese female voice

We are getting some news from Dreamtonics on June 17, 2022 at 17:00 GMT+8! Here’s the post as follows:





2022 年 6 月 17 日 17 时,Dreamtonics 邀请你共同拉开新时代的帷幕,见证艺术与科技碰撞交织,让美好以全新形式来到你我身边。

Machine translation to give a rough idea (I’m not native):

Just let it all go,
I won’t be sad anymore.

Because you and I are side-by-side,
with songs to heal the wounds in our hearts,
let us have the courage to fly higher, until we embrace the blue sky.

Beauty, with countless forms,
and you who shared them all with the world,

are the miracle.

At 17:00, on June 17, 2022, Dreamtonics invites you to open the curtain of a new era together, witness the collision of art and technology, and let beauty come to us in a new form.

I will change the topic’s title accordingly when the news drops. It doesn’t seem to mention a new voice or a new song (which is pretty much the Dreamtonics way of introducing a new voice), but rather an “era”. But until we know for sure what it is, this dedicated thread will also be left vague.

Feel free to add to the conversation!

Edit: I forgot the source LOL
Here you go: 动态-哔哩哔哩

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New vocal modes for some/all their voices?

something along the lines of ‘happy’ or ‘bright’ maybe? or is that too literal :thinking:

We’re so dead.

Leading the new Synthesizer V AI Gold series is Weina! She is expected to release in July 2022!

English concept video

Chinese concept video

Announcement from YouTube description:

Dreamtonics announces the Gold series of voice databases for its flagship Synthesizer V Studio software and Synthesizer V AI Gold Series - Weina, the first voice launched under the said title.

A culmination of arts and artificial intelligence, Gold series defines the ultimate sound quality for synthesized vocals. Adhering to the highest-ever standard of production, Dreamtonics has collaborated with top-tier vocalists, producers and seasoned staffs, pushed the specifications to the limits, with the sole goal of creating the perfect voice synthesizer for serious music production.

The upcoming Weina voice database is being created under the close guidance of renowned vocalist Weina Hu. Recording and production works are being conducted at Ready Steady Sound! and Sound & Vision Media Studio, marking a continuation of the collaboration with the high-profiled teams since the making of Synthesizer V AI Mochen’s demo song.

Synthesizer V AI Gold Series - Weina is scheduled to be released in July 2022 with further announcements to be made.

Also… :wink:


A little bit of background for anyone unfamiliar with Weina Hu, the vocal director of Weina’s project, she’s a renowned vocalist who is especially known for the Chinese versions of Disney films, such as “Frozen” (as the singing voice for Elsa) and for something a little more recent, “Encanto” (as the singing voice for Isabela Madrigal).


I’m reading that the announcement translates to “Dreamtonics Announces Synthesizer V AI Gold, a Paid Service”, which implies that this is a subscription service:

Can anyone offer clarification about this?

I don’t see that anywhere. The bilibili description should be the same or similar to the YouTube description.


oh my god, this sounds like it could be the best vocal synth ever-

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This is not a subscription service, this is a new voicebank made to the highest specifications.




She’s mentioned as the “vocal director” for the project, but I’m not certain if that means she’s the actual voice provider.

So apparently the descriptions kinda get vague when talking about her and very strongly points her as the vocal director and that the library was created in close guidance from her, but she did confirm she is the voice provider in the bilibili comments when asked.

Last comment from the first page

The library is named weina, the voice provider is you right? Below are fans who aren’t sure."

Her reply on page 2:



Dreamtonics made announcement tweets in Japanese. The information is roughly the same with some add-ons. English translations by Xuu who reached out on Synthesizer V Wiki’s Discord.

Currently on the official YouTube we have uploaded a video about the under development “Synthesizer V AI GOLD” series. This is the name of a series of voice databases being produced in cooperation with well-known artists, engineers, and studios within China. It has no impact on the functioning of Synthesizer V Voice Databases or the editor itself."

As the first entry in the series, we plan to sell a database of the Chinese artist Hu Weina.

Hu Weina sang a number of songs for the Chinese version of Frozen as well as other Disney songs. In addition to being a singer, she is an artist who undertakes a wide range of activities, such as being a voice trainer.

“Synthesizer V AI GOLD Series - Weina” is planned to be sold from July 2022 within China and on Dreamtonics’ online store.

So the takeaways:

  • This is indeed a series that involves cooperation with well-known artists, engineers, and studios within China. There’s no mention of any subscription service and it has no impact on Synthesizer V Studio nor its libraries.
  • Dreamtonics hard confirms that Hu Weina is the voice provider to clear up confusion.
  • She is releasing on both Dreamtonics’s Taobao and international store (which I’m surprised wasn’t mentioned earlier on but good to know anyways)

It seems that while originally “gold series” was portrayed to be a new standard for product quality, they are now clarifying that there is no inherent quality or functionality difference.

It’s somewhat unclear how “gold series” is different enough from previous Chinese voices by Dreamtonics to warrant being separated into a separate series of products, aside from serving as an indicator of collaboration with big names like Hu Wei Na.


Demo is out! She is releasing on July 21!

Sorry for the wait. I wasn’t home when I posted this so I didn’t add on more. Right now, she is on pre-order for Taobao/WeChat and is a bit pricier compared to the past Dreamtonics vocals, but I think that was a given. She will be made available on the Dreamtonics International store on the 21st, so no pre-order promotion over there.

Just like the past Dreamtonics vocals, she is available as a Starter pack with the editor as well.

Here she is in all her glory.

Links to her products:

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This is pretty much it. Compare Solaria with any other current SynthV voice. It’s likely that the fundamental techniques used for sampling her voice are not that different compared to any of the other voices, but that there are improvements on the vocalist side that make them stand out that much more.

That, and a price increase compared to the regular voices. heh.

An update on her shop listing~! Weina is confirmed to be receiving 7 Vocal Modes upon release: Delicate, Tender, Lucid, Firm, Powerful, Resonant, and Warm.