[Solaria, smidge of Kevin] Yaz On 45 - Yaz Medley Cover

Totally fun rework of a Yazoo cover medley that my working band did in the late 80s. Solaria subbing for Alison Moyet…

Solaria does great on the middle tune… a little beyond her ability to growl and emote that big blues voice of Moyet on the opener and closer.

All the music made from scratch in Reason 12. I tried to put every important sound generated on screen, but it can be a bit much. I like to just watch KONG the drum machine.

If you don’t recall the hilarious Stars On 45 AM radio medleys, you probably didn’t come of age in the 80s… I tried to capture their cheezy clap-track-synced fun.


This really catches the vibe of the original(s) - excellent cover.
I enjoyed that, thanks for sharing it :crazy_face:


Thanks for listening. It was a lot of fun to make :slight_smile:

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