New Song release using Solaria and Kevin w/AI video

It has been a Long time since I released a song using Synth V , I used Synth V Studio Pro and Solaria and Kevin for this song, I have spent a lot of time learning to create videos so I will be releasing many more very soon!
Everything kind of aligned with the AI art and Synth V for me, now I can do everything myself :slight_smile:


Btw I also have tutorial videos on my site for making videos like this one with Disco Diffusion, I started learning how to do it to make quick videos for my song releases but wound up really loving it and spending a lot of time to learn it well, and that is another reason why I did not release any songs for a while, I wanted to give them good videos, so I have many more songs and releases coming very soon!
I have some cover songs too but not sure still about the youtube policy, I have seen a lot of people saying they will just do a claim and you cannot monetize it but others say you can get a copyright strike, so looking into that, I might just make another page aside from my main page and post them there.

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