Business for THAI Voicebank

I want to make Thai Voicebank and input A Thai Alphabet to make a song.
How can I get start to make a voicebank.
I ready to give my voice or my friend voice to test a voicebank.
I want a answer.
If you make a Thailand Synth V AI.
I hope you have a Thai Market ingredient now.
I’ll play and promote Synth V AI and other voicebank.

Users cannot create new voices for SynthV Studio.

If you are part of a company that wants to develop a voice product for SynthV, you can contact Dreamtonics here: [email protected]

Currently there is no support for Thai, and Dreamtonics has not commented on the potential for additional language support for the AI engine. I’m sure it’s possible, but there may be certain obstacles that make the development more difficult or more expensive when compared to the three supported languages.