Duran Duran - Rio, featuring Kevin, GeoShred Sax & Guitar and a tad of Solaria

Totally fun making Kevin sing Duran Duran’s Rio. SynthV’s Kevin is right at home in this range. It’s about the best I’ve heard him sounding. Kevin doesn’t have an avatar so I used some cool fan art from Susana Peralta for the image in SynthV - check out her work!

NOTE: Just improved the video by properly using Belt mode in the final verse. There is a link in the video description to another video with an explanation and side-by-side comparison of the technique.

Every sound is either Reason, SynthV or GeoShred.

The GeoShred sax solo (at 2:40) took soooo many attempts, but a great result. GeoShred allows expressiveness that, even after years as a full-time keyboardist in the 80s/90s, I could never achieve on keys. Since I played the GeoShred parts live rather than any midi recording, I had to re-play everything for the video… painful, but I improved (now I want to re-record the solo :grin:). It made a huge performance difference once I mounted the iPad for video capture - I should have been doing that all along.
And it just so happened that every guitar in this song involves a slide, so GeoShred was perfect for that.

The original video is here: