SynthV is mute

I downloaded synthV a few weeks ago. And the first time I tried it, it worked just fine. I used Eleanor. But then when I went to practice my tuning more the following week, she won’t sing any of the notes. Even the keyboard isn’t making sound. I tried restarting my pc and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling synthV but nothings working. Iv been really down about this, any idea what’s going on?

It’s also worth noting that this is my first pc and im not fully used to it yet. I bought it for pretty much the soul purpose of vocal synth production.

I did a little looking around the forum and I found a thread by someone with a problem that sounds similar to yours, as well as a suggested fix. Here’s a link to it.

If that doesn’t help, and you need different or more detailed suggestions or instructions, I’ve got a couple of quick questions,

    1. What operating system does your computer use? (like Windows, Linux, or Mac OS)
    1. Are you using the old Synthv editor or Synthv Studio? I’m assuming studio, but it can’t hurt to check.