RV Growl script (and other similar scripts) sound REALLY weird now

I’m on v1.7.0 and with the new HDVM function (which sounds quite OK imo) the growl script that I often use sounds weird and breath-raspy now (for clarification, it’s the RV Growl script SynthV Real Voice Series - Growl / Scream Script featuring Kyomachi Seika 京町セイカ - YouTube). On the other hand tho - it kinda sounds more metal false chord growl-ish - which I like, but anyways - are there any optimization/plans for optimizing?

forgot to mention: I applied the new updates that came out today tto my VBs (which, in hindsight, I probably should’ve thought twice about it - it’s not like that there’s any other problem with them after updating though)

I give up on the growl script. Without support from SynthV (glottal control) there’s no way to do a good growl or scream.

And I haven’t updated yet. I don’t like the update policy of Dreamtonics when you cannot use specific version you want. Instead you have to follow with unpredictable results or not.

aww~ it did a pretty good job

check my video~

just try my best to growl…