1.7.0 Voice changes & crashes

So, before the 1.7.0 update, I had no problems with rendering the vocals. But with the new retake feature replacing the random voice seed from 1.6.1, obviously it used more CPU power and energy, but crashes happen every time I try to render a new retake or edit the retakes %. Otherwise, the everything else is fine.

There also seems to be a problem with Xingchen’s (Stardust Infinity) voice. The “cool” parameter makes the voice sound awfully “muddy” and not “cool” like before the update. And her default vocal modes sound higher pitched. I haven’t tried to see the effects this update has on Haiyi’s voice but there’s a slight difference’s with Xingchen’s.

But either way, I would like a fix on the crashing, the retake feature uses a lot of CPU power to render them but idk how much to keep them up in a file.


I’ve been experiencing a large amout of crashes since the update aswell, just by editing pitch or trying to save the file it ends up crashing out of nowhere.

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yeah, my crashes are just caused by rendering to many notes at once. In your case the AI must be using a lot of CPU power and might overload the ram when saving. Idk though cause I haven’t looked into it yet.

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