new Karin AI 1.0.2 rollback option is NOT optimized for a rollback of the editor itself

adding to my previous topic on the RV Growl script sounding weird with version 1.7.0. as of just now. Dreamtonics has offered the option to roll back versions, which I did, to be safe. I also, in fact, did a roll back to the previous v1.6.1 again. The problem is - if I use the new 1.0.2 of Natsuki Karin - it crashes, as every other recently updated version of the VBs does and should do. pretty normal, right? well, as Vocal Modes are a thing of version 1.6.0 - it’s strange to see natsuki karin crashing as if her modes only worked in 1.7.0

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Seika AI v1.0.5 also does that

and the others like Maki & Tsuina (if they also have vocal modes-only versions now) probably crash also. I see what it’s going for

It also defeats the purpose of having 1.0.2 as an option to avoid using HDVM, since you can’t avoid the effects of HDVM entirely in 1.7.0 even using banks that aren’t supposed to have it. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Unlike voice installers, the installer for each version of SynthV Studio should still be present after each update in Documents\Synthesizer V Downloads (on Windows). Check if you still have the previous version’s installer. (edit: I realize that some above have already done this, but specter’s reply seemed to suggest they were still using 1.7.0, sorry if I misunderstood!)

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