1.7.0 Fix Request - Please allow us to completely disable HDVM

Please add an option to remove the effects of HDVM completely. Even with expressiveness turned down to zero, it still affects the dynamics, pronunciation and noise to the point that even older voicebanks are practically unusable in the new version of the editor, and Karin 1.0.2 can’t be used in 1.6.1. This “feature” is detrimental to the whole program and makes the existing voicebanks sound terrible and unprofessional, and a way to use things like Karin and ANRI’s vocal modes without being forced to fight HDVM to still ultimately end up with a worse sounding result than in previous versions is desperately needed.

I’ve been using SynthV since the beginning and this update is incredibly disappointing.


If anything newds to be removable - then it’s the HDVM timbre expression. It being fully removable means we can’t actually use the Improvisation parameter anymore - since it has been repackaged as the “pitch” section in the AI retakes feature

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I totally agree. We really need an option to work with the old engine. It’s so disappointing that that only voice that works well with the new version, is Weina.