Synthesizer V Studio 1.7.0 更新 / Update / アップデート

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SynthV Studio 发布 1.7.0 更新版本,重点是新增 AI 重录功能,能让歌声的音色产生千变万化,从理论上来说每个音符都可以切换出 9999 x 9999 种采样,非常具有潜力。

AI 重录功能的默认设定更加倾向于表现丰富的音色,可以通过调低表现力参数来实现流畅稳定的发声,Dreamtonics 对此进行了说明。

D 社还更新了下载页面,现在可以在官网下载最近两个版本的 AI 声库。然后为了配合本次更新,绝大部分 AI 声库都推送了支持 HDVM (高动态歌声模型)的新版本(小春六花宣布日后更新),值得一提的是弦卷真纪、追傩酱、京町精华、夏色花梨、铃爱莉在更新后也支持调整声线,请查看配图和下面的更多信息。





Update Log:


Any news or update on an updated version of 1.7 ? On my Mac Pro I had to revert to 1.6.1 and the old voice banks to be able to render my songs. I was hoping that maybe switching off the HIGH QUALITY mode option was now available or at least updated databases that played nicely. I don’t DARE go through that update again until it is clear that I won’t have to re-edit 12 songs of the past year. Thanks for ANY info.

p.s. why am I always disconnected in the middle of typing a reply or comment? Anyone else have that too?

There has been no announcement of a “1.7.1” yet, but Dreamtonics is aware of the problems so I expect they’re simply still in the process of implementing fixes.

I agree though, honestly ever since the “third generation” update with 1.3.0 that changed how AI voices sounded I’ve always been very wary of updating the software. I hope Dreamtonics is more aware of the need for backwards-operability in the future.