The kind of issues with 1.7 update. Win MacOs linux?

Can people categorize the issues having since the Update?
Hearing most of the Win user claiming just of the robotic behaviour of the singers.
What are other users experiencing?
I’m on MacOs and since the update am having lot of program crashes when trying to modulate, with retakes or vocal mode. Is this only when opening finished projects? I’ve not already tryed with a new project.
Waiting for further updates please make your list for the sake of acquiring more knowledge.

Well, almost all users reported a change in voice quality and frequent crashes. For voice quality issues unfortunately it seems to be the unstable nature of AI (being difficult to percisely control, technically) and Dreamtonics broke compatibility by accident, you’ll have to roll back to 1.6.1 to recover. For freezing issues, see Overwhelming amount of crashes since the 1.7.0 update - sango の #4 . This seem to help, at least in the context of the OP.

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