Overwhelming amount of crashes since the 1.7.0 update

Love the HDVM update, some things about it are definitely odd and it definitely changed the quality of Kevin’s voice, but it’s something I’m getting used to and I’m slowly able to work better with it.
My biggest issue, however, is that ever since I updated SynthV I’ve been getting seemingly random crashes while working with the software normally. Some others on this forum have suggested the crashes happen when they use the AI Retakes option, but it’s been happening to me almost consistently, even when not using the feature. Before this update, SynthV ran with no issues whatsoever.
Is there any news about a planned stability update? Is there any way I can mitigate this on my own system (Windows 11, x64, not a bad computer by any means) in the meantime?


In Settings Panel go to Rendering/Power Management and choose Max Performance, press Restart Live Rendering System. It would reduce the freezes a lot.


Thank you, I will try this and see how it affects the crashes.

Already seeing a MASSIVE improvement, started working on another cover and actually managed to get all the way through it without crashing (which is much better than barely being able to get through a verse…) Thank you very much for the solution, this will help me well in the meantime :slight_smile:

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