Direct Pitch Editing does not account for lag, causing inaccurate pitch lines to be drawn

While using the Direct Pitch Editing mode in a track, there are occasions where if you draw too fast, it causes the software to lag and miss a bunch of anchor points. Attached is a GIF showing this issue; intended behaviour should be to draw pitch in the exact line as opposed to missing all of the in-between points during a lag spike.
The only way to get an accurate pitch line through this method is to draw very slowly to allow the program to catch up, but shouldn’t it be possible to draw a pitch line without it causing lag?


Adding onto this with a better visual and one of my findings;

This is a better description of the error, with the Pitch Deviation parameter window shown. When drawing a quick straight line, anchors that would be created during a lag spike are completely skipped, which causes this pitch-note offset effect shown in this image and the GIF.

Something else to note is that this issue seems to have been improved by turning on “Max Performance” under Settings > Rendering > Power Management, which also helped with my previous issue with 1.7.0 crashing. The issue is still present (the above screenshot was created and taken with these settings) but the lag spikes do not affect the entire pitch line like it did in the GIF on the OP. If you’ve noticed this issue and have a computer that would run well with this setting, I suggest trying it to see if it helps.

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