Synthesizer V Studio Pro 1.7.0 - VSTi issues

So I recently purchased Synthesizer V Studio Pro after playing around with SOLARIA from Eclipsed Sounds. I’m totally in love with the GUI and I’ve managed to create immediate results with the Standalone application. I purchased the Pro version with one thing in mind: Using it as a VSTi within my DAW(s).

Sadly, I haven’t been lucky getting any sound out of it. It also managed to corrupt an important project in Cubase 12 (Thank god for backups) and no matter what DAW I use, it simply won’t allow me to remove instances of Synthesizer V Pro, or close my DAW with any running instances of the VST, without crash/hanging immediately.

I have tried anything possible. Enabled outputs, syncing tempo etc etc. Both in Cubase 12 and FL Studio 20. The notes that I’ve written in Synthesizer V Pro
does not play any sound at all. It doesn’t even generate any audio from the information in my vocal tracks, like it does in Standalone.

I managed to get it generating audio in an empty project in both DAWs, as long I didn’t have any voice loaded. (I have SOLARIA and Eleanor Lite).

Pressing “Restart Live Rendering System” only made it crash if I had at least 1 note written while having a voice loaded.

Does anybody else experience this? I’m not sure if it makes sense so I’ll try my best to answer any questions.

I have it working in Bitwig Studio 4.3 and FL Studio 20 on Windows 11. I just opened the VST on both DAWs with no extra configuration and SOLARA sounds just fine. I am also able to add and remove instances without issue. I know it’s not much help but I just wanted to let you know that is does work on my configuration.

No worries. I’m happy to hear that you got it working.

Must mean that there is hope for me yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

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UPDATE: So after updating to 1.7.1b1, the VST seems to work perfectly now. That solves my problem at least.

Hooray. :smiley: