Activation Problems Part 3

Hi it’s WintermintP, I’m probably going to post this on the Reddit as well just so I can get as much help as possible. And Kanru, if you’re seeing this, I’m reachable via email at [email protected] please and thank you.

Okay, now for the big one.

So my computer just wouldn’t stop bugging me about upgrading to Windows 11 and I also felt that if I sleep on the upgrade for too long I wouldn’t be able to install Windows 11 for free, so I wound up having to upgrade early just to be safe. Well I say “upgrade” but it’s actually that I have both Windows 10 and 11 installed on the same C drive so the computer will always ask which one I want to run every time I boot up and that’s also why I have multiple user folders under the same drive.

So why am I posting about this?

Well, I thought I was going to be fine without having to deactivate all of the SynthV stuff and Vocaloid stuff because unlike last time in which I wound up hacked and ended up having to reinstall over an existing activation, I thought the Windows update was going to let all my data carry over. It’s not like I swapped any parts to trigger a different hardware ID, and the computer is still the same IP and it’s literally the same machine from the post-hacking days (yes, to those of you who weren’t there when I talked about this, my computer did get hacked before).

Is it possible for Anicute or whoever it was to void my serials manually and send new serials for Windows 11? I have Synthesizer V Studio Pro, Eleanor Forte AI paid version, and SOLARIA, but I plan to contact Eclipsed Sounds myself for the SOLARIA problem so Anicute/Dreamtonics won’t have to worry about that.

Thanks in advance guys!

You need to contact customer support for the storefront you purchased from.

There is no difference between activation codes for different operating systems, and the activations cannot be remotely deactivated since it is not an “always online” service.

SynthV activation codes allow three uses to account for hardware failure, compromised systems, and other unavoidable situations. If you are unable to activate your products, it is because you have activated the product three times without deactivating afterward.

You can see a list of contacts for the various storefronts here:

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Actually it’s more to do with the fact that I can’t find my serial anymore. It should’ve been in the email but it’s just not there. I have the serial for Eleanor Forte AI and SOLARIA but not Synthesizer V Studio Pro.

I did reach out to the guys and they still have yet to reply. What are some other ways to find my serial? I did recently hear that the system automatically deactivates the oldest activation if I’ve used all three of my activations, but the real problem, which I’m not quite sure if you got it, was that I can’t seem to find the serial for Synthesizer V Studio Pro that I bought.

I think it may have to do with the fact that I had the original Synthesizer V Editor, the paid version just for clarification, and I got an email saying I should upgrade so I paid the upgrade fee, so it could be that because of this, I didn’t get a separate email for Synthesizer V Studio Pro’s serial.

There is no automatic or remote deactivation. This would require the software to validate activation codes on every startup, which it does not do.

Was this from Dreamtonics or ANiCUTE? Make sure you’re contacting the right people, and make sure you’re using the same email address you originally purchased the product with.

If it was via ANiCUTE, try logging into the website and using the contact form in your order history instead of emailing directly.

If you still don’t get a response after multiple days (keep in mind you sent the original message on a weekend, they’re both small companies, and there’s a significant time zone gap) then try again and include a Japanese translation of your message using DeepL (DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator) (include both the machine translation and the original English message).

Keep your sentences brief and clear to get a more accurate translation. For example, if the actual problem is a missing code, you don’t need to talk about Windows prompting you for upgrades and not knowing whether to deactivate, that will just make the translation worse and potentially confuse the support staff. All you need to say is “I upgraded my computer and need to reactivate, but I lost my code.”

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Welp, it took a little longer to dig and I had a lot of rephrasing to do but gawd that was droll, I ended up discovering that when Synthesizer V Studio Pro initially came out (I bought the pre-order), they forgot to change the serial email to say Synthesizer V Studio Pro, and it wound up saying Synthesizer V Editor again just like the original Synthesizer V activation email. After looking at the peculiar email a little more I started to wonder if that string of line was the actual activation code and I wasn’t sure because it didn’t have hyphens. Plug it in as a means of trial and error and…


Welp, now I can quickly get back to work and prep for that overseas festival that I’m contractually obligated to play. Thanks dude!

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Well, too bad there is no remote deactivation, I found out about it now,
Damn ignorance of mine… I was just starting with the program… I have had to reinstall my computer several times due to other problems and so far no problem with Synth V… maybe this was my third… I didn’t know about that option… So what am I supposed to do? Buy the program again? Oh my gosh, I’m having a heart attack!

Contact support for the vendor you purchased from, or send an email to Dreamtonics at [email protected]