[Bug Report] Problems on Auto Pitch-Tuning (Already sent email to Dreamtonics)




(修改音素i 长度为 180%)

可以见到,音高曲线并没有因为音素长度的调整而做出相应的调整,从而使得音素 i 的尾音音高出现了改变,而这个音高本来应该为下一个音素 s 的音高。

该问题可以在编辑器专业版 1.7.0 中使用任意 AI 歌声数据库(测试样本包括小春六花 AI ver. 116 、青溯ver. 111、星尘 Infinity ver. 102 以及 Saki AI ver. 101 Lite)的即时音高模式下和手动调整模式下复现。我认为它会严重影响自动音高调校的使用体验。

After a set of experiments, the pitch curve of the autotune is based on the phoneme and note pitches.

Therefore, it is obvious that the phoneme length should also be included in the auto-tuned pitch calculation. However, the editor’s calculation does not seem to take into account the effect that the adjustment of the phoneme length has on the rendering of the pitch curve. In other words, the rendered pitch curve is not changed by the phoneme length when the phoneme is adjusted in the note panel, resulting in a “strange” sounding articulation. As shown in the figure.

(without changing the phoneme length)

(after modifying the length of phoneme i to 180%)

As you can see, the pitch curve is not adjusted by the phoneme length, thus changing the pitch of the coda of phoneme i, which is supposed to be the pitch of the next phoneme s.

This problem can be reproduced in Instant Pitch mode and Manual Adjustment mode in Editor Pro 1.7.0 using any AI voice database (test samples include Koharu Rikka AI ver. 116, Qingsu ver. 111, Stardust Infinity ver. 102, and Saki AI ver. 101 Lite). I think it will seriously affect the experience of using automatic pitch tuning.

As you described pitch doesn’t take into account the phoneme duration changes done by the user. The tunning model is incomplete. Fortunately, you can draw the pitch by yourself to avoid those issues.

Exactly. However it does affect the experience using Auto Pitch Tuning since I have to fix this myself. Hope it getting fixed soon.