Did SynthV just eat one of my activations after firmware updates?

So, I activated Tsurumaki Maki English AI, deleted the lite versions while leaving the full version, then my computer had to do a firmware update, and when I reopened SynthV, Maki was gone. I reinstalled and reactivated her without issue, but now I’m wondering if that just ate one of my activations.

For context, I am using SynthV Studio Pro 1.6.1, and I first downloaded Maki v104, then installed v103 (though I was able to install v104 again after that but I think I’m gonna stick with v103).

It seems likely that this consumed an extra activation, yes. Firmware updates (especially if it was for your motherboard) can make some software fail to recognize the computer as the same machine.

As far as I’m aware it is not public knowledge exactly how Dreamtonics registers to a specific computer (ie how it identifies that the activation hasn’t been copied to a different system), which can definitely make it hard to predict which processes might void an activation and cause it to be lost.


Thank you for the clarification! In that case, whenever I switch computers in some years or so, I’ll contact AH-Software if I need more activations.

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