Does Dreamtonics monitor these forums?

Does anyone from Dreamtonics actually monitor and help in these forums or is it all users?

They seem to monitor the site, but direct involvement from Dreamtonics was before my time.

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thanks, how do you know they monitor?

Because fixes appear in new releases.

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It seems like they quietly monitor the forums for bug reports and occasional feature requests, but they do not reply or engage in discussion.

Support requests should be sent directly via email ([email protected]).


Thanks for the email the only one I had found was [email protected]
So I’ll try this one. Thanks!

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Hi Claire. it is really great to have this forum, where we can exchange tips and issues regarding the use of our software.
But effectively, how does Dreamtonics itself care of the requests? How does Dreamtonics itself deal with popular demands?

I have also already used the two communication options, to bring important proposals to developers in Dreamtonics, through [email protected] and [email protected], without ever being able to be sure that I have “arrived” and been read by them.

I am left hoping that even in their silence, they are considering proposals and that one day some response will come.

What can you tell me about this?

[email protected] is only for business requests, so you should not expect a response from this address unless you are:

  • representing a company looking to create a SynthV voice
  • negotiating a business partnership with Dreamtonics
  • responding to an active job posting for Dreamtonics

[email protected] is primarily for customer support related to the Dreamtonics Store. Other customer support issues (such as activation key problems) can also be sent here, but you should only expect a response if it is necessary to resolve an issue with a purchase. You can send questions and feature requests to this address, but that is not its purpose and you probably won’t get a response.

Dreamtonics does check these forums for bug reports and feature requests, but they do not respond directly. We know this because requested features have been added in the past.

I agree that more transparency from Dreamtonics would be preferable, but I also understand that responding to individual requests can leave people with false expectations. As far as I am aware Dreamtonics does not have a dedicated community manager, so time spent chatting on the forums would be taken from their other work (development and project management).

The best things you can do to make sure your message is seen are:

  • tag your topics correctly
  • give your topics a concise and descriptive title
  • be clear in your description of the bug or requested feature so it is easy for readers to understand what the actual problem is

So Claire, you nailed it perfectly in the first part of your answer. That’s where we expecting a response from [email protected] as the first two points you’ve listed are exactly that why my company is attempting to get in touch with them .

And also the last part, which you described, we have it well defined in the emails. However, these are not problems, but valid proposals. We remain on the idea and hope for a reaction, at least.

It’s pretty much a dungeon where the howls and complaints are listened to as they ride by. :slight_smile:

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