Remotely deactivate Install of Synth V?


I bought and installed Synthesizer V recently.

Due to issues with my computer, I have had to reinstall multiple times. I believe I have one install left, but unfortunately due to my computer issues I was not able to deactivate before re-installing windows.
Is there any way I can deactivate all activations on my account from outside the program itself?

Thank you!

Activation is a single-instance process, in other words the software never contacts the server after you activate to check for revocation. This means there is no way to remotely deactivate; it can only be done from the within the SynthV Studio UI.

In the event that you do run out of activations, some users have been able to contact customer support to “unlock” their activation code, though I don’t know how common this is so it’s possible the distributor might not allow it. You can find customer support contact information here:

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