Where did Xingchen Minus disappear to in the taobao shop??

So I wanted to buy Xingchen minus but she compleatly disappeared from the taobao shop​:smiling_face_with_tear:

Apparently there are 2 product pages, one with Voice databases for R1 and the other for R2 but I can’t find minus in any of them :sob:

If someone has answers please tell me/let me know, I want xingchen minus to go along with my already owned Infinity and Haiyi.

ok I found Xingchen minus but it took some scrolling and small knowledge of chinese

idk what Medium5 is doing but I liked it when all the Voice databases were all in one product page, not 4 product pages with only 2 of them showing in the synthv category while the other 2 hidden away :skull:

There are no R1 voices for sale. The page you were looking at is for the collectible DVD cases.

This should be the correct link for the SynthV Studio Standard voices: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=675361418857

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yeah I figured that out but I remembered that there use to be only 1 page where all of them were sold. That was 5 months ago when I got Xingchen Infinity & Haiyi, I just wana know why they made separate pages. But I do know why they would for physical copies but why digital ones?

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It might be because Xingchen Infinity is the only one that’s AI while the rest are not. Might be easier on the pricing. Notice that she’s more expensive compared to the others. Also it might be necessary to have the “AI” label somewhere on the product page. Bunching them together kinda is misleading. But to be honest, I don’t know how taobao stores work and how easy it is to edit them or move stuff around, so maybe it’s easier said than done.

Honestly speaking, I think it would have been more organized if all of the voice databases were all separated from the start (like each individual vocalist gets their own individual page) and that the R1 boxes still used those as the thumbnails… :confused: Hate to say it, but Quadimension’s is probably the least organized Synthesizer V storefront so far. >_<


makes sense for xingchen to have a separate page but it’s hard to find the standard Voice databases, cause when I go to their synthV category there’s only physical copies or Xingchen AI voice. :skull: You kinda have to go though the entire store to find the standard voices.

Tbh I kinda have to agree with you for Medium5 to sell the databases separately instead of trying to group them together. I think that would be less confusing.

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Literally the only other way of finding the link for the R2s is the R1 box page and looking at the description below… But it’s just not intuitive. How does anyone know to look down there? TTwTT

I guess the only other hope is that MEDIUM5 vocals get hosted on Dreamtonics International or something, but that’s an “if”. ;w;

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like look how clean and simple Dreamtonics taobao is

They could have at least done that and made a separate spot for merchandise instead of an “I Spy through the store”

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I think at the time, since every voice was the same price, choosing them from the same page was just a possible option, on top of getting the editor (I remember they used to sell physicals of the R1 editor). But then it just becomes more and more confusing the more vocalists they create, on top of needing to separate AI from Standard/R2.

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Yeah, I can see that. Let’s just hope that they’ll fix it soon.

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