(1.7.0) Crashes uninstall and deactivate every single product installed.

I recently updated to a much better pc, and simultaneously made the move to editor version 1.7.0 and have run into quite the issue. This is a completely fresh install of SynthesizerV Studio Pro, I have even yet to bring over my scripts or dictionaries, or save any singer presets.

I was transcribing a song and entering lyrics on a main track with two instrumental tracks (the original and the instrumental). Minor tempo changes, but absolutely the opposite of high-performance usage. (if you want to know the song its Disko by LPS). If its relevant I turned off windows ink as I was working (I work with a drawing tablet). The notes weren’t grouped yet.

1.7.0 crashes frequently, which is fine…until reopening it led me to activate the editor again. Every single voicebank was deactivated and seemingly uninstalled in a matter of seconds. The SVP file is somehow as large as it was (only 5kb)- but has lost all notes.

The vocal I was using was An Xiao. (v101)

The vocals I had installed (all full versions unless stated otherwise) were
Eleanor Forte (STD Lite)
Eleanor Forte AI
Yamine Renri
Kotonoha Aoi/Akane
Stardust AI
Kyomachi Seika AI
Tsurumaki Maki AI English
Tsuina-Chan AI
Tsuina-Chan STD
Natsuki Karin AI
Kevin AI
Saki AI
An Xiao

All vocals were on their most recent version for standard, and 2nd-most recent for AI (so as to avoid HDVM). Their folders were left behind, missing no files, but not visible within SynthesizerV.

Reinstalling has gone fine, Aiko is still on my old (unsuable) laptop and my partner’s PC, so I know they deactivated as Aiko activated well. However now I have 3 Aiko folders which is a little confusing (I have Aiko R1 and two Aiko R2, apparently.)

SynthesizerV crashes upon loading AI vocalists if I use 1.6.1 as suggested despite none being updated to their versions that released alongside 1.7.0, I’m a little concerned that such light usage caused such damage.

Best course of action would probably be to send this to [email protected] since Dreamtonics doesn’t respond to forum posts directly.

Ooh thank you, I came here because the website directed to this haha. Thanks a lot!! I’m starting to have a feeling it was the interraction between windows ink and synthv that somehow caused it. Hoping they can fix it so I can come back to 1.7.0!!

One thing to check is the Documents\Dreamtonics\Synthesizer V Studio\databases folder. Each voice database has a redirection.txt file here that points to the install directory. If this file is corrupted or missing, SynthV Studio will not find the voice installation and it will seem like it “disappeared”. Adding the file back manually or correcting it can cause the voice to show up again after restarting the editor.


edit: this is assuming that the voices aren’t installed to the default directory and that the install files are intact. I was somewhat surprised to find that the default install directory is in the documents folder, and is therefore specific to the Windows user account.

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