Anyone Using Paid Voicebanks with Free Synthesizer V Studio Basic?

Hi everyone, is it possible to get the same good result using paid voicebanks but with Synthesizer V Studio Basic?

Thank you…

Yes, you can use paid voices with the Basic edition of SynthV Studio.

Upgrading to the Pro version gives you:

  • More than 3 tracks in a single project
  • Scripts
  • Cross-lingual synthesis with AI voices
  • Improved multi-core performance

I might be forgetting something but Basic should be sufficient unless you specifically need one of the Pro features.

edit: i remembered a couple more Pro features:

  • Option to render aspiration to a separate file
  • Additional options when using auto-pitch tuning

Thanks for the reply. You’ve been very helpful in this community, so double thanks for that. I can live without almost all of that forever. The two things I’m gonna miss are the script because I want to use Praat, and the additional options for auto-pitch tuning. I don’t know if it’s the Synthesizer V Studio Basic or the free (Solaria and Eleanor Forte AI) voicebank. Right now I have to meticulously check every note and transition one by one to escape from the auto-tune-ish voice and other weird stuff like over-vibrato.

This is probably caused by Instant Mode. You can disable Instant Mode with the button in the top right of the piano roll.

(Instant Mode runs auto-pitch tuning on every note while you work, but it does not display this tuning in the pitch deviation parameter since that would overwrite the user’s changes)

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Wow, thanks for this! Will definitely try it right away!