Questions about Eleanor Forte AI ver. 105

To an extent this may also be a question directed towards Synthesizer V Studio Pro version 1.7.0

When I bought Synthesizer V Studio Pro it came with Eleanor Forte AI (a package from AniCute), and the downloadable package sent to me were version 1.5.0 and version 103, respectively.

So for a while, I worked with those two versions, not even knowing they needed an update. I updated BOTH recently upon purchasing Kevin AI, and I noticed something a bit off? Eleanor’s ver. 105’s higher ranges are much more weaker, than ver. 103’s and the clarity isn’t as great either. Which, with the song I’m currently making a cover of, is not ideal, so some questions came to my head.

Was this from updating SynthV as a whole, or updating Eleanor?

If it’s just from updating Eleanor, will there be an update soon to adjust/fix that any time soon?

If not, is there a way for me to sort of… make her higher ranges stronger again? It feels like she’s constantly out of breath in her higher ranges.

And if even that’s not possible, then is there a way for me to go back to ver. 103 and would it still be compatible with SynthesizerV Studio Pro ver. 1.7.0?

SynthV Studio 1.7.0 introduced HDVM, which is supposed to make vocal dynamics sound more realistic, but cannot be fully disabled. Many users have been disappointed by this, because while there are some situations where it provides good results, there are also many situations like yours where the voice no longer produces the desired sound.

It is also not unusual for voices to change somewhat with version upgrades. This is unfortunate but is somewhat inevitable with an evolving AI-driven voice profile. Ideally Dreamtonics would offer some way of easily selecting an older version to compensate for these changes, but so far they have not acknowledged it as a problem.

They might release more updates for Eleanor in the future, but they probably won’t “undo” any changes that have already been made.

You can definitely try adjusting breathiness, tension, etc. or compensating in the mix, but it’s definitely harder to make a voice stronger than it is to make a voice sound softer.

You can simply drag and drop the 103 installer into SynthV Studio to install the older version.

If that doesn’t fix the issue, try installing an older version of SynthV Studio.

Dreamtonics is aware that many users are not happy with the recent changes, so hopefully we’ll get some improvements soon, but we don’t know yet exactly how they intend to address the problems. At the moment downgrading is the only option.

Some past version voice installers can be downloaded from the Dreamtonics website, but not all of them: Dreamtonics Download


Thank you so much for the quick reply! And ahh… I see, I see.

In that case, I’ll go back to version 103 for now until a newer version that, hopefully adjusts it so that her higher notes won’t be so weak since I feel that’s one of Eleanor’s strong points as a voicebank.

Thanks again for the help!!