SVを使った英単語シリーズ第4弾 しっているのと別の意味編

大学受験によく出る英単語!? このフォーマットでの出題が

Marc Bora
馬幄 鰡

ボーカルはSynthesizerV 夏色花梨、弦巻マキ、
そして日本語MCはVOICE VOX 四国めたんちゃんを起用しました。

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Fun song. :smiley:

But… “coal” should start with a /k/, not a /g/.

And “A well at the firm” should be “A well at the farm”.

楽しい曲。 :スマイリー:

しかし… 「coal」は、/g/ ではなく、/k/ で始まる必要があります。

そして「A well at the firm」は「A well at the farm」であるべきです。

(Google 翻訳経由)

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Good morning to you from Japan. Long time no correspondence.

Thanks for your kind advice. For the time being I stop showing the video until I down load revised one.

dcuny you know what I found out interesting thing.

About “coal” I had input correctly and the pronunciation mark also said /k/ but heard as /g/ …so got funny feeling as if it said gold mine :slight_smile: so I input “a” well ahead of “coal” then SV started pronouncing “/k/”
and if I input “a” closer to "coal " it started singing “Gold” again… sounds like “a” sound affects to word following to it??

About “FIRM” it was my typo error. I will change it to farm.

Again thanks for your advice.

Marc Bora

PS since this morning, when I opened the song file Synth AVENGER has a problem…trying to sort it out… and I fixed AVENGER Synth and revised the VIDEO file.

Good afternoon from sunny Northern California! :wave:

The /k/ sound can be thought of as a “devoiced” version of the /k/ sound. So the two sounds are very close. In fact, you can change the /g/ to a /k/ by editing the Voiced portion out using the Automation track.

There are errors in some of the SV databases, and the phonemes are most certainly affected by those surrounding it.

Someone pointed out that the “Alt” phonemes are now working in the AI voices, so that’s something else to try.

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Good morning from cloudy Japan. :grinning:

Now I have uploaded revised version. Thanks.

I have tried the Voiced portion out suing the Automation track amd "Alt " phonemes but no luck.
So I leave “a” somewhere and moved “coal” note from C to G or higher then I started hearing
/k/ sound clearly.

Best regards

Northern California! Good for you. I used to live in Palos Verdes in Southern California. :smiley:

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