How do I add voicebanks to SynthV basic on linux (manjaro)?

Hello, I am new to this forum, so please let me know if I do anything wrong :slight_smile:

I recently managed to install SynthV studio basic on linux, and made a .desktop file so that it now shows up in my application list, and that all works fine luckily. I have also downloaded some of the voices that I want to try to use (the main one is Eleanor Forte). After downloading them I put them in the ‘databases’ folder and hoped that they would show up in the ‘voice’ menu once I opened SynthV, as I read somewhere that this is how it should work. Sadly for me that didn’t work.

I also read somewhere that it should work by dragging the .svpk files into the SynthV window, but that also doesn’t do anything for me… :frowning: Another solution I heard of is double clicking the .svpk files so that they open with SynthV, but for me it just gives a ‘can’t open this file’ dialogue so that also doesn’t work…

Is there anyone who has a solution? I would be very grateful, thank you.

Close SynthV Studio and install the voice by providing it as an argument when launching the software:
./synthv-studio ~/Downloads/eleanor-lite-install-100.svpk
– SynthV Studio should start, but this time you will be immediately presented with a popup to install your voice database. Follow the on-screen steps.


Thank you for your quick response, I appreciate it. I will try it now to see if that works, I hope it will :crossed_fingers:

Okay, I played around a bit, can confirm that it seems to work now. Thank you for helping :+1:

Also SynthV basic related question: how to add voice banks on Mac OS? Thanks

I already linked the guide above. Please follow the tutorial.