Midnight Soliloquy [Solaria - Original]

Hi everyone! I’m new here, but I’ve followed very closely the development of this amazing virtual instrument and even today I’m still amazed seeing what it can accomplish. It’s just one of those things you never get used to :smile:
Anyway, this is my first serious attempt at using SynthV and Solaria - it’s an original song and it’s still a WIP, but the first part feels complete enough to share here. Thanks for listening!



Beautiful. And that thing at 0:59. Oh my. So real.

I used to work with a few singers at the university I work at, and one of them sounded just like this. I’d swear it was her. The phrasing, the breaths, the vibrato. Its so spot on.

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Excellent - so realistic! From the song point of view, it is in a major or minor key? It sounds like neither, has a very “floating” sort of feel which sounds great. Looking fwd to hearing the finished masterpiece!

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richiebee, Robert, thank you both for the kind and encouraging words!

richiebee, I agree, it’s really crazy how realistic Solaria can be if used in a certain way. To be fair, the program did most of the work, performance wise, and I simply made sure it didn’t go off the rails. To me, this is by far the most impressive aspect: often I don’t feel like I’m doing MIDI editing at all, I actually feel more like an artistic director giving some advice haha.

Robert, I’m glad you noticed the harmony used in the song! You’re spot on, the “floating effect” is deliberate. Technically, the song is minor mode (or Aeolian to be exact), but I made sure to give it a very ambiguous character using devices like deceptive cadences (V goes to VI), or simply playing with the extensions in the accompaniment, rather than just arpeggiating the chords.
I just feel this sense of uncertainty is best suited for this lyrics and mood in general. Cheers!

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