Any Guesses on when Eleanor Forte AI Vocal Modes will be released?

I know that Eleanor was confirmed to get vocal modes soon thanks to this post

Now I’m just wondering if we even have any rough estimations or wild guesses? Cause if confirmations like this has happened before, what’s the rough estimate of the release after the confirmation?

I’m currently holding off a project because I lowkey want to utilize her potential vocal modes, but haha… I’m thinking it may be best to proceed if it’s going to be some months.

I know companies take quite a bit of time till they actually do a full release, so haha…

Volor is somewhat notorious for not mentioning anything about what they’re working on and then suddently releasing it with no warning, so unfortunately it’s difficult to predict any sort of timeframe with them.

Ah but according to Volor it’s only stuff on Dreamtonics’s end.

Or is Volor still responsible for the updating process itself?

True, I suppose in this case we already have a bit more information than we’ve had in the past from Volor.

If we base it on other voices we can assume “a couple months”, but none of the other companies were so specific about when the process was passed over to Dreamtonics, so I don’t think we have anything precise to refer to.

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