purchased synth V studio pro but cannot use synth V editor?

Hi! a new user here. I just purchased synthV studio pro and registered the activation code and got it all set up. But when I open up synth V editor in my DAW it still asks for the registration code and I am only able to use the trial version…

Is Synth V Studio Pro and Synth V Editor separate things?
Do I need to purchase Synth V editor separately if I need synthV in my DAW??? Please help!
Should I have just purchased synth V editor instead of Synth V studio Pro if I am going to use synth V mostly in the DAW?

“Synth V Editor” is the old discontinued product, which is no longer for sale. It is also not compatible with any of the current voice databases.

You can use SynthV Studio Pro in your DAW. Download it from the Dreamtonics site here: Dreamtonics Download

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thank you for the clarification!! that was really quick!

Some users have had issues with the VST being unavailable in their DAW if it is not installed to the default file location. This might vary based on which DAW you use. If you have issues with the VST specifically, you can try reinstalling with the default path.

For me, in FL Studio, it shows up in my plugin list as “Synthesizer V Studio Plugin”

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Claire thank you for all the help I really appreciate it! I got everything figured out on Cubase. I was so confused at first, just need to get rid of the discontinued editor version now :slight_smile:

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