In need of Help- Unable to Deactivate

I am unsure who to take this issue to as Dreamtonics does not seem to have a Customer Support page (if there is one please reply with a link to it if possible!)
My old laptop that I had SynthV Pro activated on has broken with no way to salvage it, and because of this, I am unable to download and reactivate my license on my new desktop. Could I get in contact with someone to resolve this issue? Thank you!

Product codes should allow for three activations, meaning even if you are unable to deactivate there are still two remaining and you should not lose access to the product (proper deactivation would “refund” an activation returning the count to 3).

Some users have reported that their activation code stops working after a single hardware failure, which is not supposed to happen. If this is happening to you, contact [email protected]

You can redownload the product installers from the Dreamtonics website: Dreamtonics Download