Synthesizer V AI Yuma (ユウマ) & Natalie: New voices from Dreamtonics

Dreamtonics dropped some new demos of their two new AI voices: Yuma and Natalie!

Yuma is a new masculine Japanese database that’s described to have a young, fresh texture and an androgynous voice

Natalie is a new feminine English database that’s described to have a soft, clear voice with rich expressions in the mid range. She’s suitable for easy listening and music with strong backing tracks like EDM.

Both of them will be compatible with cross-lingual singing synthesis, vocal modes, and AI retakes.

We currently don’t have a release date as of this post.


There were concerns regarding Yuma’s name and Dreamtonics made a statement about it.

Dreamtonics 注意到部分用户对 Synthesizer V AI Yuma 命名的关注与疑虑,谨在此说明如下。
Yuma 作为一款声音素质偏中性的男声,为了方便用户辨识,选择了比较容易分辨性别的名称。在新产品命名过程中,Dreamtonics 通常会采取内部核实的方式,避免与行业同类型产品的官方名称重名,但未深入考虑产品开发代号重名的情况,造成了此次出现的 Yuma 与行业其它产品开发代号重名的局面。此次事件反映出了命名流程的疏漏,但重名情况并非蓄意造成。
Dreamtonics 将在未来为产品进行命名时,更加细致地排查潜在的重名情况,避免此类情况再次出现。
Dreamtonics 希望视频评论区保持友善讨论氛围,在演示视频发布早期,Dreamtonics 中国团队出于维护评论区氛围的目的,对部分评论进行了删除操作。此等做法未能顾及用户感受,也非妥当的回应举措,Dreamtonics 在此深表歉意,并将在未来加强工作流程,避免此类情况再次发生,感谢各位用户及创作者的鞭策与支持。

Source: 动态-哔哩哔哩

Basically, people were commenting that his name shares similarity to VY2 “Yuuma / Yuma” (which isn’t pointed out in the article, but it’s obvious and there’s still comments dropping the name) and Dreamtonics said that because their new vocal had an androgynous tone, they wanted a name that was easy to distinguish. When investigating other products to make sure they don’t have similarities, they failed to take codenames into account (names like “Mizki” and “Yuma” for VY1 and VY2 for example), so they ended up in this situation. Dreamtonics said they’ll pay more attention to names of other voice synth products in the future.

Also any rude and uncivil comments were removed to maintain a friendlier atmosphere for discussions.

EDIT: See @LinR_PN 's reply; apology was for the behavior.

Correction: there were a few very over-the-top accusations when the video was first posted, those comments were removed, and Dreamtonics is apologizing for the behavior.

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