No/Distorted sound output


Recently purchased the program upon setting it up i had no sound output at all initially so since my sound card is normally set on 384kHz/32Bit i assumed it might be that as i have had other applications where i had to tone it down a bit. after trying various setting down to 192kHz/24Bit i started hearing sound but it was really distorted.

Sound card in question: EVGA Nu Audio

Is there an ideal setting I’m just completely missing or am i screwing something else up?


I had a similar problem before and the way I solved it was going to my sound settings, just right click the volume icon on your computer and this should/might pop up. Try to fiddle with the options, I suppose.

Alternatively… if the above doesn’t work, feel free to fiddle with the below in SynthV’s settings.


Seems it does work in exclusive mode, thank you for the reply @viviAlive

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