First Impressions - VERY Impressed

Very impressed with Synth V so far. It is so superior sonically to Vocaloid that and any good-faith sonic comparison is laughable. The UI is much more sophisticated and easy to use as well and the intelligence behind the renderings is beyond what I thought possible. I am an avid Vocaloid user (have been for several years) so I think myself qualified to make these claims. Congratulations to the Synth V team for achieving this spectacular breakthrough. Look forward to what lies ahead.


I’m extremely impressed as well! discovered it this week and already evaluating the purchase! :slight_smile:


I finally bought Synth V Pro and the Solaria voice. I really want to join in congratulating the team. Wonderful software and incredible results. I told my friends I started recording my covers with a young female singer. No one thinks it’s Solaria…

Very very happy!


I was contemplating whether to purchase Vocaloid6 also!

I believe that the above has answered the question.

Vocaloid6 is supposed to be an “on par” update, was my understanding.

Maybe not?!

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Vocaloid6 doesn’t really compare to SynthV Studio in terms of realism. It’s not bad, but there are a lot of disadvantages:

  • Significantly fewer ways to customize the sound
    • Vocaloid historically has offered a number of parameters (dynamics, exciter, growl, mouth openness, and more) but most of them are not compatible with the new AI voicebanks
    • No vocal modes
  • The melodyne-style pitch adjustment tools are neat, but the fact that you can’t simply draw the pitch curve on the piano roll is a big drawback
    • It is worth noting that Vocaloid6’s phoneme timing tool is better than SynthV Studio’s
  • More noticeable synthesis artifacts and noise
  • Fewer voices
  • Clunky user interface
  • Slower rendering

In my opinion Vocaloid6’s main strength is with heavily stylized vocals. Po-uta offers a very interesting approach to vocal sythesis where realism isn’t the goal, and it sounds great. I honestly think Po-uta would be a worse product if it were made for SynthV Studio.

If more voicebanks are released that embrace that approach it might just be what Vocaloid needs to differentiate itself without necessarily “catching up” to SynthV’s technical feats.


Introducing “VOCALOID Po-uta”, a Porter Robinson VOCALOID6 Voicebank

Oh, my! So bad I won’t even link to it.

I could create this quality with a Commodore-64 when it came out back in 1980’s (no joke).

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A song isn’t bad just because you dislike the style, there’s no need to be disrespectful.


not style… the sound quality is really, really bad! It’s kind of grainy and unnatural.