Synth V Slightly out of sync with DAW

So this is a bit annoying when looking at the measures and try to add vocals because in synth v the notes have to sit about 1/2 measure behind for them to be in sync with DAW.

Example: If in my DAW I want a vocal to site at the beginning of measure 10. In Synth V I need to place it at halfway between 9 and 10.

What DAW? Some have a delay compensation, so if its always out by the same amount, you could use something like this. Also worth knowing - do you use an external audio interface? I have found that the sync’ing of plugins in general is much better when using an external interface with proper ASIO drivers. Built in sound card works for me in a pinch, but I don’t have the same kind of low, and predictable latency from plugins.


Do you have synch tempo with host on? Mine is right on the money, I use asio drivers for my daw and my numbers match perfectly whether it is 140 bpm or 90 once synch is checked.