Genbu crossligual ability?

Does can Genbu be crosssynthed into english? i want to know if Kevin’s my only option for an English male voice

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Genbu is not an AI voice, so he only has access to phonemes for his native language (Japanese). The same applies to Muxin (at least until Muxin Plus is released).

Kevin is the only native-English masculine voice.

Ryo, Mo Chen, and An Xiao are all masculine AI voices that can produce English phonemes via cross-lingual synthesis.


oooo ok thank yoouuuu

Adding to this, Yuma will also be able to do cross-lingual into English. It’s just that he’s currently upcoming without a final release date. .w./


Yes! I heard on of Yuma’s English songs!!! I’ll add to this post again bc OMG ASTRIAN’S ENGLISH(i rlly hope he gets a lite)

Eclipsed Sounds has said that there will be a lite version of Asterian, however it might be some time after release until the lite version is available.