My upcoming synthv wishlist

I hope dreamtonics will be more voicebanks in the future

My Wishlist for upcoming SynthV:
SynthV young american english male with an androgynous voice Named Kirby in 2022 or 2023
SynthV Novelty Demon AI Based Demonic Male Voicebank named Damien (based on cereproc demon tts) in 2022 or 2023
P.M. Seymour voice provider of Cowboy AI Based SynthV (in 2023 idk)
Friday Night Funkin Starlight Mayhem Characters (CJ, Vade, Mark And Ruby) will geting a SynthV AI Based voicebanks/voice database (in 2023 idk)
SynthV Unknown Moon Male Counterpart of Solaria voicebank
SynthV Tagalog/Filipino Male And Female Voicebanks
SynthV Malay Male and Female Voicebanks
SynthV Spanish Male and Female Voicebanks
SynthV Portuguese Male and Female Voicebanks


Hi. Good recomendations.

I would add in your list an Spanish language (Latinamerican) Female and Male voice so many many spanish language songs can be sing with this excellent Synthesizer V pro software. Instead of changing the voice to another languages to try mimic spanish voices that at the end sound with an english or different pronunciation.



Very good recomendations. And, “Last but not least” ITALIAN Voicebank also, please.

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I love spanish, sure i added the list because most of filipino ancestor and spanish filipino families are speak spanish and by away welcome to the synthv community


I added spanish, portuguese and malay

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You don’t need to make a reply every time you edit your original post. Just make the edit and you’ll be good.


Ok, i will do it next time, :sweat_smile:

Didn’t you read my earlier post on this thread?


Sorry, my bad :sweat_smile: i read it

I have just discovered SynthV and did my first try with the free version and Solaria free.
I admit I am completely blown away by the possibilities of this software. It’s impressive.

Being a long time DAW user, I feel the current interface should have much more flexibility and features to provide a good usability.
I would like to give some suggestion:

  1. note preview: when drag a note, I’d like hear a preview. Maybe just optionally. Now, the only way to hear a note is to click on the left keyboard, very unconfortable. this should be possible also if I drag a note up or down to change its pitch
  2. MIDI IN. I understand that input notes by midi could be difficult to handle, but having a reference note played by a MIDI keyboard may help in writing the track. Also a simple piano note (not necessarily a vocal preview) may help in writing down the vocal track and choose the right note.
  3. Markers on the arrangement track, with naming possibility (verse, chorus 1, etc) and possibility to navigate through the markers by some keyboard shortcut. moving around the arrangement is not user friendly right now.
  4. possibility to go back to the starting playing point once i hit stop. This could be useful if i am editing a particular song segment and i want to try different possilbity. it could be an alternative to a loop. You basically should have the possibility to a) hit “stop playing” and then continue to play from the current point or hit “stop playing” and go back to the point from where the playback began
  5. when the mouse is over an icon, a label should appear telling the function of that particular icon
  6. possibility to drag the single phonemes to adjust their timing on the piano roll, instead that using the sliders on the “note properties” bar
  7. possibility for assigning a shortcut for “split note” and “merge notes”
  8. possibility to move the notes (with respect to the selected grid) using the cursor keys. left/right for timing and up/down for intonation (+/- 1 semitone or - even better - define a musical scale and move the note according to the scale)
  9. possibility to define a song key (and possiblity to change the key) and possibility to snap the notes on a particular key/scale. e.g. if I set C as the song key, snap only to C, D, E, etc and not to C#, D#, etc). snap on/off should be assigned to a keyboard shortcut



Many of these would be welcome improvements to the usability of SynthV Studio, however some are already possible. I would recommend making your own topic under the Product Feedback category with the feature-request tag with these suggestions, they are not likely to be seen as a response to someone else’s post.

Most users do this in their DAW then export the MIDI and import it to SynthV. Ensure your notes do not overlap when doing this, SynthV cannot render sound for overlapping notes on the same track.

You might want to use note groups to accomplish this. As you can see, you can name the groups, easily locate them from the Arrangement panel, and quickly navigate to them by right clicking anywhere in the piano roll and pressing Tab to switch notes (it’s a bit clunky but if you’re desperate for a way to avoid using the mouse, it works).

Deselect this icon

You can assign a keyboard shortcut to specific scripts in the Pro edition. There are scripts provided by Dreamtonics for both merge and split functions.


Thanks the answer! that’s really cool!
I will go on with the pro version, it’s the most awesome software I have seen since years!


I hope dreamtonics will be English and Chinese Opera and Pop in the future
Peking Opera Male Voicebank
Classical Soprano English Female Voicebank
Mezzo-soprano English Female Voicebank
Alto Female and Male English Voicebanks
Tenor Male English Voicebank
Baritone Male English Voicebank
American Pop Female And Male English Voicebanks

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For me, maybe similar feature such as vocalo in vocaloid, and also themeable GUI


I’m still finding my way with Synth V, but I wondered if they could sell extra ‘accent dictionaries’ for existing voices.

I know it’s possible to do a lot by tuning, but it would save a lot of time if we could buy an accent add-on dictionary produced by professionals :slight_smile:

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a way to put SynthV is record mode waiting for the host DAW to trigger the start of the recording. In logic I would like to record right into SynthV track while playing the backing tracks in Logic. So loadingSythnV as a plugin to a track-- opening synthV, arming it for record, hit play in Logic allows me to then use the midi keyboard a record directly into Synthv. Now I have to start logic --immediately hit record in SynthV and then return to keyboard to play.

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i hope Dreamtonics more Voice Provider Base SynthV Voice Database (like ninezero)
Olivia Rodrigo Based SynthV Voicebank
Conan Grey Based SynthV Voicebank