Solaria Male vocals : Walking In Memphis

A cover of Marc Cohn’s “Walking In Memphis”.
This male voice has been derived from Synthesizer V (Basic) using Solaria (Lite) Voicebank. Once again, except for the backing tracks, all the software was free.
Vocals: Synth V - Solaria
Editing: Hit Film Express. VSDC Video Editor. OBS Studio.
Music: Cakewalk by Bandlab. JamKazaam
Graphics: Gimp
All keyboard/mouse operations by me, until I find a machine to do that as well!

VaM Credits:
AdamAnt5: Realtime_Lipsync.1
AcidBubbles: Timeline
MacGruber: LogicBricks 12. Life 13.
VamSander: VideoController.2
Venkman: ScreenNinja.6
VRAdultFun: E-Motion.4. ElkVR_BVHPlayer.1

Piano Player sequence by Nayris
Credits: MeshedVR, MacGruber, AcidBubbles, Hazmhox, SupaRioAmateur, Kemenate, QBase, Alter3go, Hunting-Succubus, Jackaroo, WrongTamago, Hexen88, JaxZoa, Vam-YJ, Blazedust, pkiiizx.