languages i'd love to see added to synthV, updated

(update of an old topic post i made about a year ago- some of my thoughts on new language suggestions have changed)
(These are not in order from most requested to least requested. Also, these suggestions arent just exclusive to SynthV, i would probably apply to them to programs like ACE studio and CEVIO as well.)
1. Cantonese. Whenever people think of “Chinese” when it comes to language, Mandarin is usually the only language that comes to mind. “Chinese” actually includes multiple languages including Cantonese, so adding Cantonese would add some diversity to Chinese vocals, right?
2. Spanish/Español. Maybe this feature is super over-requested, but at the same time this language is super commonly spoken (At least 600 million people can speak this language.) Spanish is already available in VOCALOID, but no new voicebanks have been made for it since VOCALOID 3. Also, Solaria is reported to have a small spanish dictionary that can be utilized in Japanese cross-language synthesis? Japanese can get pretty close to sounding like Spanish, but it’s not quite there.
3. Korean. This language is also here because it’s already in VOCALOID, but it’s pretty underdeveloped, just like Spanish. Also, Korean does have a decent place in the modern music industry, so I’d love to see it as an addition.
4. French. Apparently folks from my first language suggestion post also wanted to see French appear more in vocal synth programs too! I’m not sure how well this language could be implemented due to its stand-out spelling/phonotactics, but I think it could work.
5. Portuguese/Italian. These two are at a tie because I want to see them get representation in vocal synth equally.
6. Tagalog/Filipino. Apparently some folks would want to see an Austronesian language make it into a vocal synth program. Japanese does get VERY close to Tagalog, but Japanese’s lack of an l/r distinction hampers Tagalog from being fully replicated with Japanese phonotactics.
7. Russian. This language is commonly used on the Internet and is also pretty common as it’s spoken by over 250 million people. Also, I would like to see more representation of Slavic languages in a vocal synth program.
8. German. This is the most commonly spoken Germanic language besides English. This language might be hard to implement to its many dialects that lack mutual intelligibility. At best, they could just stick to standard German phonology. English does get pretty close to German, but it lacks some important sounds such as close front rounded vowels (aka “ü”) or the “pf” sound (voiceless labiodental affricate).


Yes to French but definitely not Korean. You’re pretty much bound to see nothing but K-pop covers and K-pop is literally the plague of music in general. Some K-pop songs can end up sounding good, but the way the K-pop industry is run in general is what everyone should have a problem with. You don’t even get to write your own songs, you’re pretty much meat puppets to the big three Korean labels, and everybody in K-pop just sings and dances, and that’s not real music. Also, just look up “slave contracts” and K-pop news articles are almost guaranteed to pop up. I don’t want to see this repeating, and this is exactly what you’re going to see in action as soon as you try to request a Korean bank for any voice synth software.

And I don’t even have a problem with the fact that you have to be very slim to make it into whatever program they got, I have a problem with the fact that you don’t even get to write your own songs or play your own gawddang instruments. Autonomy/independence is one of my top three values, all three ruling equally (the other two are technical ability and honesty/ethics).

Also, not quite sure about Russian anymore and it only takes a second to look at the news to find out why.

German, Italian and French would by my most wanted ones.

But apart from more languages I would also love to see more voice banks come up for more seasoned voices. Every voice bank today is just kids or very young adults with clean, boring voices. I’m pretty sure there is way more potential than that in this software.


Cantonese, definitely. Especially with Fengyi’s Opera mode! Cantonese opera is a thing!

Korean and Spanish, yes. Vocaloid has a couple of voicebanks for both, but Korean voicebanks didn’t do very well though. But maybe with a different marketing, it might work.

Tagalog, a definite. We have a number of Filipino producers so it wouldn’t hurt to have Tagalog.


Spanish as a supported SynthV language would make me very happy. Por supuesto.


there’s more content to make in the Korean language than just K-Pop. Plus, Japan’s got its own toxic idol industry but you still see Japanese voicebanks getting produced.


Italian community is asking for Italian as supported Synth V language and would be very happy for this. Obviously.


With the language per note feature and retakes, you can basically do Spanish at this moment in time.

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Tagalog as a supported SynthV language it would make me feel happier :smile:

Yea but J-pop isn’t as big as K-pop and K-pop is like the poster child of the entire “assembly line mentality” that I strongly disagree with.

That said, these days you have some not-so cookie cutter acts like Idiotape and now you have rock bands like Nell starting to creep up again, so it’s getting nice to see some real K-music gain some light for a change.

At the risk of sounding like advertising, there’s even a thing called multilingual songs where an entire song’s lyrics have continuity only by their message but the words are a melting pot of five or six languages. agencies like Hololive and Nijisanji seem to have popularised it but the whole trend was started by some scrub band by the name of One Minute Winter.

So you know what? Yea, F it, let’s make Korean vocal synths a thing again! Throw Spanish French German Indonesian all them thangs in there too, we have a prominent Spanish name that’s moved over here after all. /srs

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