AHS site problems

So er, I just bought the AHS Tsurumaki Maki voicebank, and it’s been a couple of days since and the download link has yet to show up. I hope that these voicebanks are not shipped as physical copies…? It doesn’t say anything about it being physical or digital and the price was pretty average for a bank so I assumed it was a digital copy but where is the download link…?

The download normally appears when you check out and pay on cleverbridge?? If not, you certainly should have gotten it as an email immediately when you checked out. I would say if you can’t find an email with the installer/activation code in your inbox from the day of purchase, maybe check your spam folder and see if it was sent there on accident. The title should be something like “Reference #[Number]: Your Synthesizer V Tsurumaki Maki AI Order” from [email protected], as well as one confirming your purchase was made with a similar title. If you can’t find either, maybe check your card/bank account statements and make sure the payment went through.

After that, the only thing I can think of would be to reach out to AHS’s customer service directly (which I’m unsure how to do, unfortunately)

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You can try using Cleverbridge’s “Purchase Lookup” to receive an email with a summary of your past orders: https://www.cleverbridge.com/?scope=cusecolp

As for the question of physical vs digital:

As far as I am aware, AHS does not ship internationally (most international buyers purchase physical AHS products from amazon.co.jp).

AHS does ship internationally, but you have to get a separate product (AHS International Shipping Fee) along with the products you want in your cart, and fill out a few things (https://www.ah-soft.com/store/purchaseguide.pdf).

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