Inactive notes after MIDI import?

Sometimes, after importing MIDI data, some of the notes are inactive. Can’t seem to activate them in the editor; I end up having to delete them and recreate them. Takes a lot of time for some large files. Is there a way around this?

Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 5.43.26 PM

Notes become inactive if they are overlapping. There are a few possibilities here:

  1. The original software that exported the midi has some notes start at the same moment the previous note would finish, causing a very small overlap
  2. Was your MIDI recorded with a keyboard/MIDI controller? If so, even a slight overlap in note timings will cause overlapping notes which SynthV is unable to generate vocals for
  3. Somehow the import process is adding “zero-length” notes, as in, invisible notes that overlap with your actual notes (MIDI Import Creates Notes With Duration of Zero)

A few things you can try to resolve the issue:

  • If you have SynthV Studio Pro, try running the “RemoveShortSilences” script
  • This script to remove zero-duration notes: MIDI 文件中的重叠音符识别问题 - leostudiooo の #3
    • If you do not have Pro edition, you can try opening your SVP in a text editor and searching for the text "duration": 0, and manually remove the notes that way (see the linked post)
  • Try using Utaformatix (UtaFormatix) to convert your file (you can actually convert SVP to SVP, and this might help to “clean up” the problems in the file)

Fixing the overlap did it. Thanks! The script had an error when I ran it (something to do with note lengths) but I just fixed them manually as I was adjusting performance params.

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Would you please tell me what kind of error occurs in detail? That will help me to improve the script.

I will once it happens again. Haven’t been able to reproduce it yet.

You might have to check your MIDI file. Normally it should be able to reproduce it by importing the MIDI file if it’s caused by the MIDI file.