Aspiration Output and mixing

Surprised that nobody else has asked this yet, but how do you all utilize the Aspiration Output feature? Do you work the way Dreamtonics showed in the demo (reverb on the unaspirated file and EQ on the aspirations) or do you have your own methods for using it? I’ve used it a few times with varying results and would love to hear more about how to best apply it to help the mixing process.


For me, I almost use that every time mixing. For example in early versions of AnXiao (or any other power voice bank, I assume), the annoying clipping sounds / husky thoats can be elimitated by a harsh low cut on the asp track. Maybe other de-clip vsts can help but this is the quickest way.

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The consonants are needed for the clarity in the pronunciation, so putting no reverb or a different reverb is my normal process.

I still tend to manually de-ess vocals by using volume envelopes.

Similarly, where there’s too much growl from the aspiration, I’ll often just reduce or remove it from the aspiration track instead of relying on the EQ.

I don’t know that manually is the “best” way, but it guarantees consistent results.