SynthV and Cakewalk Sonar synchronization

Just purchased pro version of SynthV with Solaria
I’m using CakewalkBandlab Sonar as DAW and SynthV as VST

On cakewalk with SynthV as VSTi, the transport communication between the two software seems not to work, or at least I cannot figure out how to do it.

if I hit “play” in sonar, Sonar and SynthV starts simultaneously and everything is OK.

If I am on SynthV window, only SynthV starts, without sonar in playback.
It seems also that SynthV does not send information about song position and play/stop to Sonar… this is pretty annoying actually.

If i change song position in SynthV (e.g. set bar number) the bar position is not updated in Sonar.
Song position variations in sonar are updated on synthV (this is OK), but only after playback in sonar starts (i don’t see position marker bar moving in SynthV if i change song position bar in sonar with the cursor and I don’t hit play)

any idea?

This is a common limitation of the plugin format. VSTi playhead position is dictated by the DAW, not the other way around.

Some DAWs may be capable of bidirectional playhead synchronization, however this seems very uncommon and I have yet to find an example of it.

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I have also melodyne and it this work seamlessly in sonar, so there should be definitely anyway to do it! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to find some workaround

Good news is that the technology used to make it happen is now open-source.

(Sort of) bad news is the framework SynthV using (JUCE) doesn’t have deep integration with ARA, thus need a customized version of it. And I assume the JUCE framework used to develop SynthV were already moderate customized, so it’s even more cumbersome to include ARA. But that’s just a theory.

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Very interesting, thank you for the additional insight!