[Script] A collection of scripts focused on improving SynthV's lack of hotkeys

There are many functions in SynthV Studio that can only be accomplished with a mouse. I’ve created a few scripts intended to offer basic functions that can be assigned a hotkey with a focus on reducing reliance on the mouse for repetitive tasks to improve workflow.

These are the scripts available:

  • Move selected notes left/right/up/down (ie with arrow keys)
  • Scroll the viewport to the current selection
  • Select previous note (many people dislike the default ctrl+tab, so this offers an alternative)
    • sadly this cannot be bound to shift+tab as many people have requested, since the default tab behavior still applies and moves the selection forward anyway
  • Select next note
    • this works the same as default tab but can be rebound, and if no notes are selected will select the first note after the current playhead position
  • Set phonemes for the selected note
    • there’s no way to simply set a note to be in “edit mode” without using a popup, and also no way to immediately focus the text box, so it’s not as simple as I would like it to be and you need to press tab twice to enter the text box without using the mouse
  • Set lyrics for the selected note (single note version of the default ctrl+L)
  • Preview selection
    • starts playback at the start of your selected notes and automatically stops at the end, handy for quickly previewing changes without having to manually move the playhead
  • Variations on the “Select Next/Previous” scripts that look for the next/previous note with the same lyric or phonemes as the currently selected note, as well as scripts to select all notes with the same lyric/phonemes as the currently selected one

Many of these scripts are customizable, with important variables placed at the top of the file and comments explaining how to adjust them.

Other scripts that I create which do not fit the “hotkey optimization” concept can be found in the root directory of the repository, but there are currently only a few of those. This would apply to more complex tasks that require a dialog popup and user input.

You can find these scripts in the following GitHub repository:

This direct link will allow you to download the entire repository as a zip file: https://github.com/claire-west/svstudio-scripts/zipball/main/

To only download a specific file, navigate to the desired script, right click “Raw”, and select “Save link as” to save it to your SynthV Studio scripts folder.

To locate the SynthV Studio scripts folder, Select Scripts > Open Scripts Folder from the top menus. As a reminder, scripts are only available in the Pro edition of SynthV Studio.

Keybinds can be assigned to each script via the Settings panel, and will be displayed in the Scripts menu once set:


Thank you! I’m a heavy keyboard shortcuts users, so having these basic options exposed for key-binding is a boon.
The “Set phonemes for the selected note” is very useful for my use case, no more fussing with the mouse!

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The note-moving scripts have made my workflow much easier! Dragging notes in SynthV has always been problematic.