Can Synth V studio basic play a sound of that note when you place it?

Does Synth V studio basic have a feature that play a sound of that note when you place it or move it like Vocaloid Editor?


No, there is no feature for this.

Even in Pro edition the best we can do is use scripts to sort-of accomplish the task, but not in any elegant way:

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I admit this would be a very nice feature. just the same piano sound you have by clicking on the left keys could be sufficient! :slight_smile:
e.g. I left or right mouse click on the piano roll screen and I get the note preview


I agree this is an important and valued feature which should be implemented. It is certainly one of the advantages that Vocaloid has over SynthV. It’s absence slows down workflow quite considerably.


This was implemented in earlier versions of SynthV, but taken out.

I assume they didn’t want to infringe on a feature that Yamaha considered to be proprietary.

Given that there are plenty of existing piano rolls in DAWs that already have this feature, I don’t see how Yamaha could make they claim that this is a unique feature to Vocaloid that they have sole rights to.

Then again, I wouldn’t want to go up against Yamaha’s lawyers, either. :grimacing: