Ordered on store.dreamtonics.com but never received the email link to the product

On the 26th of october I ordered the bundle Synthesizer V studio Pro + Any Voice Databa on website, the status order is marked " Completed" on the web site but I never received any confirmation email and never got the download link.

I paid using Paypal, the money transfert was confirmed by Paypal, it’s been 2 days and I have no news about my purchase.

I sent several email to [email protected] but never got any answer.

Can anyone help me with this matter ?

These forums are not actively monitored by Dreamtonics, so unfortuantely the support email you mentioned is the only way to contact them.

Keep in mind it’s only been one day and there might be a significant time zone difference between yourself and Dreamtonics in Japan. I haven’t heard of people having issues contacting that email address, so it’s likely just a matter of time.

Thanks for your fast answer. I hope you’re right.

You may want to check your SPAM folder since your email service provider may incorrectly recognize the code as spam and moves it out of your inbox.

I’ve checked the spam folder multiple times since last wednesday but nothing from Dreamtonics …

Hi Bogdan —

We both are in the same situation. I placed an order for the bundle Synthesizer V studio Pro + Any Voice Database on October 18. I paid by credit card and have seen that my credit card was charged for the amount of my order paid to “DREAMTONIC* 3353”. I sent an inquiry to [email protected] on October 21. I found another email address, [email protected]. I sent a copy of my inquiry to that address on October 26. I never received a reply to either email. I have found on line their postal address. It is 501 Otomi Building. 5-8-11 Asakusabashi. Taito-ku. Tokyo 111-0053. Japan. If I do not get an email from Dreamtonics by Wednesday of next week, I will send a registered letter, return receipt requested, to that address. My last resort will be to contact the bank that issued my credit card, to see if they can do anything. Have you thought of contacting PayPal? Please post something to this forum if any thing further develops.

I hope this can be resolved. Synthesizer V is a product I like very much, and I would like to order more voices. Please post to this forum if you get any response from Dreamtonics.

Hello Sunfire,

Thanks for this informations !

I’m sorry to learn that you are in the same situation as me.

I also sent an email at [email protected] but did not get any answer either …

I think we can be sure now that it’s not a matter of time zone difference between ourself and Dreamtonics in Japan.

I will wait a few more days in hope it will resolve positively but will contact Paypal if it does not.

It’s really frustrating, just like you my money was withdrawn from my bank account.

I really hope this problem will be resolved positively.

I will post to this forum (and everywhere I can) to let everyone know what happens.

My problem is solved !!!

For some reasons the email address I used to purchase SynthV did not work when a message was sent from Japan using it.
Dreamtonic did receive my messages but I did not receive their answers.

Yesterday I used a different email (a Gmail address) to communicate with Dreamtonics and I received the answer today !

The mystery is solved. I’m very happy this matter resolved positively !
If someone else has the same problem I had it’s probably because of the same reason.


This is very helpful information, thank you for sharing the outcome. Glad to hear things got resolved.


Would you please tell us what is your email service provider? That will definitely help others with the same problem to solve it. Many email service providers would block emails from certain IPs or regions and that’s what causes your problem.

Yes of course, the email service provider that blocked my emails is SFR.