Is there any lite male voice other than Genbu?

Genbu sounded really bad in my opinion and I can’t find any other one except paid one.

There are currently no male voices other than Genbu with lite versions. Some users have had success with creating a masculine tone using Solaria, however that technique may rely on the higher quality of the paid version and I can’t comment on the specifics of how it was achieved.

For a list of all lite versions and download links, see the “Where to download free components” section of this guide: [Guide] How to Purchase, Download, and Install Synthesizer V Studio and Voice Databases

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I just bought a Pro studio with Saki, what can I do with her to get a male voice?

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It’s not a simple process, and like I said, I don’t know the specifics of how to achieve it successfully. Most people who attempt it end up with a result that sounds very unnatural.

It’s likely some combination of gender (ie formant), tension, tone shift, EQ, and more. Unless you have a lot of experience with mixing vocals you will likely have a very difficult time trying to get a natural-sounding result.

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